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About FreeIndiaSexChat.com

FreeIndiaSexChat.com is a chatting website. It is an online chat room for all sex gender; male, female, third and others to chat in one place. Chat for sex gender equality. It is chat related to gender and specially for third gender chat. This is gender chat room and NOT sex chat room. This is not adult chat or sex chat and we don't allow such adult chat or sex chat. We don't run or promote any sexual materials. This chat room focuses mainly on gender chat especially motivate third genders. This chat is for over 18 age people. Never share personal information on chat as we are not responbile for anything that may occur or happen. Chat at your own risk. However, your chat details or profile is hidden or anonymous. Privacy is granted. This chat has beautiful cool design! :) Have fun chatting and make it a decent chat. Sex chat is not allowed. This indian chat is not sex chat. Join on your own wise thoughts. Make indian friends. This chat is simple. Be careful while sharing facebook, whatsapp number or your location. Chat but be Smart! Also, there are no hidden cost to chat here. This chat is 100 % percent free. Meet new indians everyday from popular cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Surat, Rajastan and all the cities and villages of India.

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Free and Online India Web Chat

We have lots of chat templates to chat in. Pick up any free chat templates and enjoy chatting on your customized chat room.

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Support for Smart phones and ios devices

Our chat room runs easy and smooth on all mobile device including android, windows and ios smart phones.

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Travel anywhere and never miss a chat!

You can join this chat from anywhere in the world. We have a chat cloud where you can see your past or previous messages as well as your private messages are saved. But we don't store your chat.

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Indian Voice Chat

We are working on the voice chat where chatters can talk to each other audibly. Voice chat is now ready with video feature. Currently, you get voiced users as sign of regularity.

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India Video Chat

Video Chat for India is already implemended. You can video call each other for free. Also, you can share your pictures online.

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Cosy Relaxing Chat

Sit back and enjoy tons of indian girls chatting and messaging with you. Make friends and good relationship.

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Refreshing India Chat Room

Feel Freshed and Chat every day here in India Chat Room. Do you get bored of your daily life? Having no time to make friends then this is the place to chat and make friends. Chat with every sex gender. Be equal. Just Enjoy life with chatting!

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Indian Relationship chat

Make friends, girl friends, boy friends. This chat room is decent and for all genders indian chat users. There are lots of topics to chat about. Chat about life, marriage, over 18 teens problem, games and much more. Get a girl of your choice or a boy for girls. This is a group chat.

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This chat is beautiful and for hot climate india to cool down!

Chat with each other and share pictures or images on your own risk. Chat but be smart. Don't be an abuser or disharm any user. Coordinate and chat well! Video and Voice chat will be on the chat system. Till then text chat and enjoy.

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Our Multiple Chats

Web Chat

Mibbit Chat

  • Easy Use
  • SSL Support
  • Emoji support
  • Desktop / Latptop

Ajax Chat

Kiwi Chat

  • Easy interface
  • Clean graphics
  • Theme Support
  • Mobile / Phone Support

Cloud Chat

IRCCloud India

  • Free Sign up
  • 2 hours offline backup
  • Offline Messages
  • All Devices


Unlimited Chat Cloud

  • Free Personal use
  • Unlimited offline support
  • 27/7 hours online

Frequently Aksed Questions

01. FAQ What Kind of Chat is this?

This chat is based on old technology refurbished to new; IRC. Internet Relay Chat has been used since decade and still now. It is easiest and simplest way to chat. Everything is based on commands.
Password is only for the users who want thier nicks to be saved and not used by anyone. Also, registration is for moderatorship. You can just login or enter without a password!
The basic idea about this chat is just to text chat and talk to each other. Video and voice chat are on the way.

02. What are the chat commands?

An easy way to get yourself register is by command /Ns register password email address. Enter it anywhere in the chat screen as it is hidden like /ns register password ram89@gmail.com
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Register an account
  • Activate your account
  • Go to the Profile section and upload your information
  • The registration is free and automatic.
Just Enter the command: /Nick NewNick
Example: /nick Ramesh
Just Enter: /ns set password NewPassword
Like: /ns set password mango12
The command is: /ns resetpass nick emailaddress
/ns resetpass ram ram89@gmail.com
The ideal client for using irc would be mirc. Just search "irc commands" on Google.

03. Why Can't I not chat in the chat room?

Make sure you are using normal connection to chat. That means you are not using VPN or proxy to chat here which usually gets abused. Don't worry your IP won't be disclosed.
You can be banned for multiple reasons like bad nicks, bad behaviour, abusing other chat users in private message or public.

04. Can I sex chat?

This is not sex chat. This indian chat is not adult chat either. This is sex gender chat for india. The private messages are so locked that even administrators can't read them. But if admins get complains, they can remove you from the chat room. Abuser will be kicked out from the chat. Simple and easy.
Personal informations are personal. You have to be careful what you share because its all related to you. We are not resonspible for anything Chat more but be smart!

05. Can I date chat?

People have dated from chat rooms. Yes, you can chat and get to know each other and date. Make sure you meet a person in a public place and your friends or concerned person knows about it. Also, make sure you know the person's relatives and your close on or relatives know about it. It is always good to be safe. Don't risk yourself. Have fun but be smart. We won't be responsible for anything that may occur or happen.
Yes, there are many examples people meeting in chat room and getting married. But:
  • Be careful to share personal infos.
  • Never trust too quickly.
  • Have Fun but be smart
  • Take help of admins if you have any problems or issues. Admins are always at the top of the chat list.

06. FAQ I want more help

Contact the administrators who are usually at the top of the chatters list or send emails to admin@freeindiasexchat.com

Contact Us

Contact Us

Email to contact us at info@freeindiasexchat.com